Case study 1

First-time investor

Looking for a small investment to start with a long-term ambition to create a small portfolio, we arranged finance for the client and sought a property already with a tenant to help with cash flow. When it was time for a new tenant, we suggested work to improve the property and increase yield – a new tenancy was then secured at a higher rent.

The client enjoyed the stress-free process so much that they commissioned us to seek another property, one year in advance due to our experience, knowledge and expertise in the ability to help and make things easy.

Case study 2

Local area expertise

Architect landlord clients sought our advice about the local area and the best properties to purchase for letting to families. We discussed and helped facilitate advice on the financial aspects of the project and sourced a property needing improvement, giving the clients scope for increasing scope of capital growth. We agreed the purchase price with the vendors, then advised on layout changes and modernisation.

After coordinating the works along with landlord and contractor, we advertised property accordingly for type of tenants that the landlord could develop a long relationship with. 

Case study 3

Project management

After negotiating a significant discount on the asking price for a client, VIA Properties’ Director Tony Cicchirillo then project managed refurbishment works on the property.  A tenant moved in one week after the works and continued into a second year there at a higher rent, increasing the client’s rental yield. 

The property has increased 40% in value since the original purchase in 2013.